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Welding Manager© is a Welding Data Management Software Solution that stores all welding data including Welders, Joints, Lines, Tanks, Contractors, welding procedures, Welders Qualifications, Inspection Reports (VT,NDE RT, AUT, PAUT, PT, UT, MT, HT ...Etc), PQR & WPS, Test Packages ...etc; for Piping and Tanks and comply with AWS, EN, ASME & API Standards.

Welding Manager© stores all organization's welding, including WPS, NDE inspection data, welders qualifications, visual inspection, radiographic, automatic welding and more. The Solution leverage Owner Operators, EPCs and Manufacturers built-in monitoring, and welding documentation features to capture a complete picture of weld processes and activities and enforces Welding Standards rules such as AWS, ASME B31.3, and API (620 or 650).

This secure, searchable, and expandable electronic archive of welding information can improve operational efficiency and reduce documentation management costs. It's web-based and can be deployed on-premise or On-Cloud, and can be accessed from any browser or smartphone devices app. The solution can be customized to integrate with ERP, Materials, & Inventory systems to fit all projects requirements.

Why Welding Manager©

Track inspection approvals

Create and track NDT Inspection Reports (RT, PT, MT … etc.) and track joints' approvals and rejections within these reports.
Document approvals and rejections reasons, defect types and measurements, and upload photos as supporting documents.
Share NDT reports including all these details at any time and save time on handover and test packages.

Better decision making

Utilize your project welding data to understand your project progress and focus your resources and team efforts to the lines, tanks and systems that needs your focus the most.
Anticipate handover problems before they occur and complete and structure your reporting beforehand.

Welding standards

Comply with various Welding codes and standards such as ASME, API, EN … etc.
Code requirements such as rejection penalties, Thickness and diameters ranges, and certifications are built-in validations within Welding Manager©.

Achieve your quality targets

Meet your client quality goals by structuring your welding data in a single source of truth platform using Welding Manager©.
You can allow your clients to access your system control what progress reports they can see and minimize lag time to report back on Project status.

Monitor welders' performance

Track welders' productivity, production joints, rejection rates, status, availability and WPS certifications.
You also can generate a welder profile with full history and records details.

Track NDT progress

Check if you have met the required percentages for RT and any other NDT report type.
You can track this by Piping Class, Line, Tank, Type, Systems and Area.


Structure your client reporting and Welding Documentation by customizing your reporting templates to export it directly from the system to avoid lag time in reports preparation.

Balance your workload

Raise request reports from Welding Manager© for tasks like Fit-up, Weld, paint … etc.
You can include a list of joints required to be handled within the request and address it to your teams.

Key Features

  Weld summary and production reporting using custom templates.

  Full joint history using workflow management.

  Inspection reports (VT, RT, AUT ...) workflow and approval cycle.

  Welders and WPS Managements and qualifications.

  Test package and weld book generation with hydro test workflow.

  Dashboards and KPIs for welding data to show summary results.

  Customized reports to match project requirements.


Who uses Welding Manager©

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